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World Class Filipino Workers Praised  
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Mike Smith, CEO of Yangwha, interviewed by Liz Hayes on 60 Minutes


Liz Hayes explains why so many Australian employers chose Filipino workers in this interview with Mike Smith, Director of Yangwha Australia

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100’s of Australian companies do just this and this is the reason:

Net increase to their bottom line

  • Your company will have the potential to increase its productivity as a result of reduced turnover of staff, less time wasted training new staff and as experienced by many of our clients, an improved work ethic.

  • Filipino employees have a proven track record of being hard working, reliable and associate well with co-workers and managers.

  • If the total upfront placement cost of each worker is amortized over the 4 years of their visa it costs just $2,500 a year to employ a Filipino worker over and above an Australian worker, that is being paid the same salary – any length of time they stay over 4 years and most of them do, is a bonus on the deal.
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    Yangwha Australia has successfully sent thousands of skilled Filipino workers to hundreds of Australian companies. Our clients range from large multinational firms doing business in Australia to successful privately held and family run businesses. They come back to us again and again.

    The Filipino work ethic, the widespread use of English as one of two national languages in the country and the naturally friendly nature of the culture make Filipino 457 workers their first choice for their manpower needs. The committed performance of these workers often raises the performance level of the entire workforce as reduced absenteeism and a strong work ethic driven by their desire to support families back home produces excellent employees.

    With our careful screening processes, testing and proven ability to navigate Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requirements for Standard Business Sponsorships, nominations and visa applications we are able to deliver a consistent level of excellent service to deliver skilled workers and follow up on their integration.

    Yangwha Australia provides placement services and our sister company Yangwha Visa manages the visa process, giving employers a single point of contact and accountability for the process.

    Yangwha Australia is proud to be part of the Yangwha Group. We are the Australia specialists and are proud to be partnered with one of the largest, most success and best regarded POEA approved employment agencies in the Philippines, YWA Human Resources Corp. Here are just a few of the accolades garnered by our ISO 9001 certified partner agency.

    YWA Human Resource Corporation has been chosen as “POEA Top Performer” (This is given once every 3 years.) in the Philippines and “Best Recruitment Agency for Australia” by the Philippine Quality Awards for Business Excellence. YWA Human Resource Corporation deploys Filipino workers worldwide. The team at Yangwha Australia focuses exclusively on deploying workers to Australia and we are experts on the process.

    Awards and Citations

    Yangwha Recruitment Agency
    Yangwha Global Pty Ltd - Hamilton
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    Yangwha Global Pty Ltd - Melchor
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    Yangwha Global Pty Ltd - Anthony
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    • Gavin Alderton,General Manager, Distinctive Wardrobes, Bathurst NSW
    • Michael McCafferty, Managing Director, Prestige Catering and Event Hire, Rockingham, WA
    • George Zamola, Operations Manager, Auto Frigo, Campbellfield, Victoria
    • Joe Acilioglu, Owner-Auto Frigo, Campbellfield, Victoria
    • OwnerManager, Custom Wheel Manufacturer, Perth
    • V.C., administrator Asia based multinational manufacturer and builder
    • General Manager, Manufacturing firm, Perth
    • Owner, industrial steel manufacturing firm, WA
    • Production Manager, Industrial manufacturing firm, Perth
    • Andrew Robb, Australian Minister for Trade and Investment

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    Some recent deployments

    • Butchers, Metal Fabricator and Electricians
    • Metal Fabricators and Electrician
    • Butchers29Aug
    • Architectural Draftsperson

    More pictures of deployed 457 visa workers - click here

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